Foreigner in Poland: Top Amazing Stories

Story one: about the country and how I saw it

As nations we can be very different, I must say that Polish people sometimes behave a little a bit unreasonable, but a wider knowledge of its history and psyche might answer some of the questions. Probably one of the reasons preventing many foreigners from coming here is the perception that you can’t find many people speaking English in tourist precincts such as cafés so they will not get to converse to the local folks. I also have to emphasize how strongly religious Poland is, acknowledging the pride for giving the „best Pope” in history and pictures can be found everywhere. Since I am not even baptized, I haven’t considered religion important in my nation’s life, but here there is a stronger sense of community because of the religious way of life and I know that if I get sick people will help. I remember my first impression of the country, in February 2007, when I didn’t actually warm to Poland immediately, as it was a very cold night, but as the years went by, I grew to love it more and more. Overall I see a mentally healthy country where the people are generally proud, resulting in political stability amongst the population as well as a general positive attitude.

Story two: about what attracted me here

It was not love at first sight, but having visited over 100 countries, I have some words to say out loud about Warsaw, the Polish language, and how I realized that Poland is the right place to be! As a person who is interested in different cultures, I never thought of moving from one Central European country to another, but it’s a long story to tell about how I got here. All the foreigners I have met in Warsaw share the same reason of coming here – Polish girlfriends – but after coming here, I have discovered the country to be as amazing as the girls.

Story three: about how I met an escort

My first experience with an warsaw escort happened on Halloween and I wouldn’t have believed I would have ever entertained such a thing. I didn’t really know what I was doing but clicked on an ad from an escort agency online and she sent a message back almost immediately. Here are the most wordwide recognized sites :

We met on the appointed day and when I got there my heart was pounding, but she was beautiful and fresh looking, with magnificent breasts and pointy nipples. I felt as if I was in heaven and her sensitivity was killing me. That’s when I knew I’ll be seeing her again, so we kept in touch, as she made me feel like a new man, laughing out loud. So I saw her every month for about a year, and it was always awesome, but nothing ever matched that first time. Escorts in Poland are very popular due to the fact that they are of many nationalities, so keep in mind that if you are alone and want to have some fun, you can find girls of all ages just by doing some research on the internet.

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