History and Facts You Should Know about Poland

Poles seem to get used to the changes which occurred after the fall of communism, so it’s the perfect time to consume a few nuggets on information about Poland. Their attitude to the remains of the castles may seem a little bit weird for some people, but for them they are places tied to stories of folklore and ghosts, giving them a thrill out of the castle ruins. A hidden treasure is still a big part of legends so if you would like to have this kind of hair raising adventure, just visit the ruins of Tenczynek castle or one of the wide range of hotels in big cities such as Danzig or Warsaw.


Despite the financial crisis, Poland was very consistent on lobbying at EU doors, so today it feels like being in a place under construction. So we all love Poland, their culture and their food but do we ask ourselves what do we actually know about Poles? I wasn’t born in Poland, but I found out some stuff people won’t tell you about Poland, such as some weird achievements, facts and things that most people don’t know about, which can make your trip way more interesting.


Encouraging foreigners for visiting Poland is sometimes not as easy as it is with Greece or Italy, but those who reserve a few days for a trip will not be disappointed, as it is worthwhile to witness what happens here thanks to EU founds. So here are some cool fun facts below. For students from outside the European Union, being invited to study in Poland may well be the beginning of a fascinating adventure, so we encourage them to discover the European Union. With top-quality degrees, this country can set your career off to a promising start.


  1. Poland isn’t a small country

In some ways, Poland is a large country as it is Europe’s ninth biggest state, a far-foraging nation whose language is the second most spoken in Britain. Being here you literally feel that the country is huge by size, and it’s actually bigger than the UK. It has a population of 38,192,000 and its Baltic Sea coast spans 328 miles.


  1. Official name

Republic of Poland or Rzeczpospolita Polska.


  1. History facts

The history of Poland stretches back far further than 99 years, with the first Polish ruler Mieszko I, who occupied the throne from 960 to 992. He also sired children who would go on to be known as Boleslaw the Brave and Sigrid the Haughty and he may well been the grandfather of Britain’s own King Canute, making it all seem a bit Game Of Thrones. From the 14th to the 18th centuries, it was united with Lithuania, but the next hundred years saw a Poland divided and later reconstituted during WWI. In the 20th century, a communist regime ruled until the 1990s. Poland had been a political football, for the previous 150 years so the establishment of a proper Polish state made for a safer planet as the war neared its end.

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