Poland Travel: The Most Beautiful Places You Have to See

From dense fir forests to moving sand dunes in the Baltic breeze, Poland is sure to get you hankering for a dose of the Slavic east. I will do everything in my power to make you want to book your tickets to Poland, so read on all about the beautiful places you might want to see. Discover some great Polish cities, natural wonders and charming villages on my list below, all surrounded by views which are simply breathtaking.


Here are the most beautiful places to visit Poland, which I hope you have the chance to visit someday soon. Don’t you worry; this country offers a lot of amazing places which I will list here for you, although it is not an obvious choice among tourists. Cities in Poland are very diverse, varying from big metropolises to cozy towns, so don’t wait to get to know them.


Life has not been easy for Poland, having been invaded many times and having suffered mightily in World War II when its large Jewish population was hustled off to concentration camps. Every city or region has its own website which indicates interesting directions, but I’ve prepared a list of places that will totally surprise you with their wonderful stories as well as beauty of the scenery. Poland is filled with fairy-tale towns and I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks visiting some of the most beautiful places, but I must say I was blown away by the architecture.


An overview of what to visit in Poland:


  1. Warsaw

This city is also full of exciting events and shows and the modern architecture that can be seen on the beautiful streets will impress you and warm your heart. There is only one capital of this country, but the old town in Warsaw, the Royal Castle, and the Royal Wilanów, along with great places for clubbing and nice walks on the colorful streets will certainly surprise you.


  1. Gdansk

I highly recommend getting lost in the city centre and eating at one of the many amazing restaurants where you can get a taste of the delicious dumpling. When I arrived in Gdansk this spring I was blown away by the beautiful Gothic architecture and I felt like this city must be beautiful all year around. Gdansk was totally reconstructed after World War 2, making it one of the most beautiful places in Poland famous for its amber stone production. I recommend staying at the Grand Hostel, which is close to some great restaurants and has great prices, or at Craft Beer Central Hotel, with beautiful rooms and reasonably price and availability.


  1. Krakow

Located on the Vistula River, it is easy to get around, and its Old Town is considered the best in the country. Krakow might be described as a rags to riches city, as it is now the second most important city in Poland, with many artistic and economic activities.


  1. Tatra National Park

Between the craggy summits of rock lie some of the nation’s most beautiful natural wonders.

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